ISC Medium Aluminum Rigging Block Pulley 3/4-Blue


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ISC Medium Aluminum Rigging Block Pulley 3/4-Blue

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The small and medium versions are now manufactured using Hot Forged Technology, combined with high quality materials and components.  These blocks are rope friendly, durable and extremely robust. These features combined give maximum security and strength, when the block is rigged as part of an impact system.

Tech Spec: 

Rope diameter range (mm)Max 19mm (3/4") Working Line Max 29mm (1+1/4") Topping Strop

(WLL) Working Load Limit (kg): 3000

(WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs): 6600

Pulley wheel colour: Green

Anchor wheel colour: Red

Wheel material: Aluminium

Finish: Powder coated

Colour: Blue

Weight (grams): 2166

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