ISC Flame Rigging Block Pulley 5/8"



ISC Flame Rigging Block Pulley 5/8"

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ISC Rigging Blocks have colour-coded Side plates and Pulley Wheels, helping the user to easily identify the correct Block for the task. We have introduced a new fixed bollard dimension, which allows the user to fall in-line with rigging standard practice, whereby the Anchor/Topping Strop should be twice the Strength of the Working Line.

Tech Spec: 

Rope diameter range (mm)Max 16mm (5/8") Working Line Max 25mm (1") Topping Strop

(WLL) Working Load Limit (kg): 2000

(WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs): 4400

Pulley wheel colour: Orange

Anchor wheel colour: Red

Wheel material: Aluminium

Finish: Anodised

Body finish: Polished

Colour: Natural

Weight (grams): 1638

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