Fun Climb D Kids Harness Size S

Tree PRO


Fun Climb D Kids Harness Size S

TREE PRO Original recreation saddle. The name is "Fan Climb". The legs and waist pads are made of lightweight and highly breathable material. The D ring is a lightweight aluminum material. Connect the waist and legs with Delta Links.
The waist belt has a variety of gear hooks, slots, etc., and can be used for tree work where you have to carry gear such as light pruning (compatible with ANSI Z133).
Also, the waist belt buckle has become a new type. .. It is no longer necessary to fold back the excess part after tightening the belt. Please fold the long excess part and fasten it with rubber.

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Size S: Waist 58-70cm (22-27in) Kids size to smaller cover

Weight: 1200 g 

Leg pad size (* see Fig. 1) S: ① 28 cm ② 30 cm ③ 70 cm

Waist belt specifications
・ Blue aluminum side D ring 2 places on the
left and right ・ 10kN black gear loop 2 places on the left and right
・ With slot for carabiner
・ With gear bag slot
・ 1 place on rear loop (life)

Slot: Zipper bag between the black belts on the waist Belt loop to be
attached Accessories: Delta Links 1 point

■ Safety standard
Meets ANSI Z133


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