DMM Gyro Twin Pulley



DMM Gyro Twin Pulley

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Developed in conjunction with our industry partners, the Gyro offers excellent performance in any rigging scenario.
The Gyro Twin features prusik minding side plates can be used in efficient progress capture hauling systems, and a load bearing becket for versatile rigging.
The Gyro range features three models: single sheave; single sheave prusik minding; and dual sheave prusik minding with becket. All feature sealed roller bearings and rope friendly fairleads to maximise efficiency.

DMM iD is built into every Gyro pulley, so the range can be easily integrated into PPE safety management systems.


Load bearing becket increases attachment options
The becket on this pulley is strength rated, and increases attachment options for greater versatility in rigging.
- Prusilk minding side plate allow progress capture when used in hauling system
The Gyro PM's side plates prevents prusiks from entering the pulley body and jamming the sheave. This means they can be used in hauling systems with prusiks that capture rope progress for increased control over loads.
- Compact design reduces system height
The Gyro's design minimises system height for efficient and easily managed rigging that is compatible with environments where space is at a premium.
- Roller bearings for increased efficiency
Roller bearings are highly efficient, reducing friction and making movement and control of loads easier
- Hot forged body reduces wear on ropes
The pulley body is hot forged to reduce the number of edges on the pulley. This reduces the amount of wear ropes experience when they run over the pulley body.
- Integrated DMM iD for pain free PPE management

Gyro pulleys come with built in DMM iD for easy stock management and inspection legislation compliance 


Product code : PUL241-ID
Color : Blue
MBS : 50kN
WLL : 10kN
Dimension :  125 x 70 x 52mm
Weight : 346g
Max rope diameter : 11mm
Certification :  NFPA 1983: 2017 G, EN 12278:2007

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